Ori has presented before audiences at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Genentech, the Association of Financial Professionals, Televisa, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, the U.S. Army, the White House, and others.

His presentations maximize audience interaction and focus on concrete ways and tangible next steps to effect change within organizations.

For speaking inquiries, please email: speaking@oribrafman.com.


How do we leverage the power of starfish networks and contained chaos to foster innovation, trust, and agility? The presentation provides executives and managers specific tools for empowering every member of the company.

The Workplace of Tomorrow

How can large organizations prepare for an uncertain world? Based on Ori’s work with the most senior officials at the Pentagon, this presentation provides a strategy for tomorrow and the next generation.

Decision Making

Psychological forces pull us into irrational behavior, but we can also use them to our benefit. Filled with examples and video clips, this talk shows us how psychological forces affect decision making.